This is the bomb! Seriously! And again, a very versatile recipe that can be tweaked and changed to your liking (or to your fridge and pantry content). I mean, look at the picture! Bacon, egg, salad, grilled tomato – what’s not to like! And if I would’ve had them with banana and maple syrup on top for dessert they would have been just as delicious. But I didn’t. Because a) I was more than full after what was on my plate and b) we don’t have any maple syrup at home. I am waiting for that one to come back on special, I refuse to buy that stuff for full price.

Anyways. Who doesn’t like a good pancake for dinner? All day breakfasts are really big here (in Western Australia), and I am a big breakfast fan. I just saw in my notes that I had planned to have apple sauce on the side too but I completely forgot about that. Oh well, leftover pancakes with apple sauce for breakfast it is! *winning*

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