I like a good muffin recipe. Especially one that is quick, easy, versatile and basically fail proof. My daughters birthday was on New Years Eve and today was her fist day back in childcare. Naturally I wanted to make something yummy for afternoon tea to share. But cake is always so big and cutting it up in small pieces while a horde of 1-3 year olds are waiting to be fed is more stress than I want to add on the poor educators shoulders. Cupcakes have those messy, sugar filled icings which are fun for the kids but it loads them up with sugar, many react pretty crazy and then comes the sugar low. Unpredictable little rockets. No parent deserves that on a Friday after a long week of work.

So muffins were the logical choice. The nice thing about this recipe is, that you can make it with any flour (plain, wholemeal, spelt, wholemeal spelt, rye (although I haven’t tried that yet)) and use any berries. The ones for daycare were blueberry-strawberry, the batch I made for “myself” are raspberry ones with spelt flour. I exchanged all dairy for soy products and the plain flour for spelt and worked a treat.

The original recipe is from the recipe community for Thermomix users, but a normal mixer will easily do. In fact, you could make those muffins without any mixer at all! http://www.recipecommunity.com.au/baking-sweet-recipes/blueberry-muffins/109733

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